Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing Trip

Well My Wife and I recently got a small zodiac inflatable boat.
We both love to fish, the other day my father in law gave us his aluminum boat and a 4.5 hp out board.
Yesterday the weather gods and Mrs Mountains days off lined up for perfect weather for our first trip out. We have not been out in a boat fishing together for 6 years in the ocean.
We got off to a rough start when we arrived to put the boat in the water we found one of our oars was missing.Oh well we have the engine and one oar so off we go, We moved around a few times and caught fish and had a blast.As usual Mrs mountain caught more fish than I did.I enjoyed watching her face light up as she reeled in yet another helpless victim.
Then it was time to Head in would the engine start nope pull as I would the thing refused.
She in the bows started paddling to shore.We were about 1000' of the land and the tide and wind were against us. We crabbed side ways across the current getting slowly closer.Her in the bow and me in the stern. I was using the net to Paddle with.Turns out a net makes a pretty good emergency paddle.
Enough of my prattle and here's some pictures of what we caught.
and a very happy Mrs mountain

Pacific Sand dab My dinner last night

Green Lings Yummy

Rock Cod Double Yummy

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  1. Oh dear, Murphy must have been lookin' for trouble on Gabriola, MM-but you caught some great dinners-you just had to work the calories off before you ate them!