Monday, June 22, 2009

A little tour of my studio

My Tying bench messy after working
Now if only I could find the vacuum

A close up of my vice.
A new one a Christmas present from my wife :)
My old one still works at about 20 years old lol
So what do you do when you have over 200 pairs of Feather Earrings.

The display/ storage racks are 6' high and 2' wide
I usually have 8 pairs on each wire.
Each rack can hold over 100 pairs of Earrings.
Now I know some bright spark will say you don't have over 200 in your pictures.

These pictures are just the pairs for sale on Etsy
and my whimseys.
The display that I take to the local markets has 72 pairs on it none of which are on etsy.

Now maybe you can see why I say what you
see in the picture in my etsy shop is what I ship.
I do not reuse photos and say your item may be different.
no 2 pairs of feather earrings are truly identical.The same can be said of the two earrings that make up a pair.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hungry Deer

This hungry 3 point deer did not mind me out working with the chain saw this morning.

He even stayed while i went to the house and got the camera.

Then posed for the picture I was about 20'away.

come September that would never happen.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Section in my etsy store

Sale section has been added price reductions of 20% or better.

remember up to 4 pairs of earrings ship for the price of 1 pair
have a whimsey day

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A new picture of me and some of my creations

This photo was taken by my MIL at the local farmers market. Whimsiey pins in my hat and my earrings waitting for buyers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The First Of Whimseys Explore driftwood

Gabriola Island lies on the east side of Vancouver Island Near the town Of Nannimo.

Theres lots of wood drifting up here on the rocky shores. And Whimseys love driftwood.

So here goes

Whimsey Box # 2

Hers another one brighter more colour


Whimsey Box

Well here goes my first ever virgin attempt Blog Post.

Besides the Feather Earrings and Hat pins you see on my Etsy site. I also make decorated Items. Here is an example a simple wooden box decorated with my Whimsey Creations.

All photos are by me. I do not make the Boxes I buy them cant buy the wood for the price if you know what I mean.
These pieces are sold at the local market as i have not figured a shipping price and shipping method they are very fragile. They are also the only work that I do that is titled and signed by me

Henry MMC c 2009