Monday, June 22, 2009

A little tour of my studio

My Tying bench messy after working
Now if only I could find the vacuum

A close up of my vice.
A new one a Christmas present from my wife :)
My old one still works at about 20 years old lol
So what do you do when you have over 200 pairs of Feather Earrings.

The display/ storage racks are 6' high and 2' wide
I usually have 8 pairs on each wire.
Each rack can hold over 100 pairs of Earrings.
Now I know some bright spark will say you don't have over 200 in your pictures.

These pictures are just the pairs for sale on Etsy
and my whimseys.
The display that I take to the local markets has 72 pairs on it none of which are on etsy.

Now maybe you can see why I say what you
see in the picture in my etsy shop is what I ship.
I do not reuse photos and say your item may be different.
no 2 pairs of feather earrings are truly identical.The same can be said of the two earrings that make up a pair.

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